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can you remember…

Can you remember as a child playing with your favorite dolls/figure’s? Well imagine having cancer, losing your hair and not being able to have a toy that looks like you. Recently Barbie was introduced to a new bald barbie and its said to be released in 2013.  Mattell said the Barbie will come with accessories like wigs, scarves and hats. How do you feel about this idea? I cant imagine looking at a Barbie as a child and wondering why none of them look like me. I find this idea amazing. It can change the lives of many children dealing with cancer and other types of diseases that cause children to lose their hair.

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my story.

I find myself being extremely passionate about the topic of cancer. I always want to find a cure, help out or do anything to make things better. This wasnt something that always existed in me. In 2006 my step father was diagnosed with lung cancer and it was a big shock. I was a senior in highschool and many things rapidly changed. He was the breadwinner of the family, as well as a father figure to me. He had to go through radiation and chemotherapy, so there were good days and bad days. I drove him to many of his treatments and check ups which gave us some time to bond, but also made it hard to accept what was really happening. He missed a lot of things that year, like graduation, that upset me, but i was lucky enough to have him around my whole life. About a year later he was sent to the hospital in the middle of the night and a day later he passed. Unfortunatly, he did not survive. It wasnt due to not getting enough treatment, or him not working hard enough, the cancer was just too strong. This changed my life dramatically from then on i knew i wanted to make a difference in others lives, as well as live mine to the fullest. Within the year that just passed, my best friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer. A women that is 24 years old was told she has cancer. I didnt know how to react, in my mind i went crazy, but on the outside i was calm, rational and fearless. I knew i had to keep it together for her, stay strong and most of all realize i might not have as much time with her as i expected. To make a long story short, she finished four treatments of oral chemotherapy and the doctors cleared her because the cancer looked gone. I am still so thankful for the outcome she was given and hope in the future she stays healthy.

The reason for me sharing this story is not to upset people, but to share the facts – It can happen to anyone, its scary, and you can overcome the powerfulness of disease. I hope in the future people will take life more serious and realize you only get one. Get routine check ups, make good decisions for your bodies future and stay positive!

I found this quiz that was posted on, it gives pretty good insight on what you think you know, versus what you actually know. Answer the questions then scroll to the bottom for the answers! Try your hardest not to cheat so you get the best outcome!!

How much do you know about cancer?

  1. Today, more than half of all people diagnosed with cancer are cured.
  2. There are no warning signs with cancer; illness tends to come on suddenly.
  3. Most cancers are hereditary.
  4. Standard treatments for cancer include surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.
  5. People undergoing cancer treatment have fewer side effects when they eat a well-balanced diet.


ANSWERS: 1)true, 2)false, 3)false, 4)true, 5)true


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video games helping to cure WHAT?

Yes you’ve heard it right! There has been a new video game called Re-mission developed for teens and young adults. It was a way to help motivate the adolescents that are fighting cancer. Studies have shown that they are less likely to have positive outcomes when compared to older or younger age groups. The game gives them a way to escape reality and fight against different bodies filled with cancer. The concept might be a little cheesy, but studies show it may be actually helping kids. The game is completely free, but they ask for a small donation, most likely to keep research going. The game is also structured towards teens and young adults, but they are not the only age group that have been found playing. Adults are taking charge as well, logging in hours of fun time on the computer.



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words of wisdom*

“If children have the ability to ignore all odds and percentages, then maybe we can all learn from them. 

When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope? 

We have two options, medically and emotionally:  give up, or fight like hell.”

~Lance Armstrong


I was researching different things about cancer and came across this quote. I stopped dead in my tracks and realized this was something worth sharing. Whether or not your fighting for your life or struggling with your own ideas, these are words to life by – – if you ask me?! Is there any quotes, sayings, poems, etc. that you find keeping you on your toes?

Have you ever had thought that worrying about something might actually make the problem worse? Well, recent studies posted by the National Cancer Institue show that psychological processes can actually affect the body. Stress is one of the biggest factors that impact the body, usually in a more negative aspect. Many of the studies were conflicting when they asked if stress can actually cause cancer to develop. The outcome was different in many various ways. Sure enough, there were many similarities with stress affecting a patient who had already developed cancer. The relationship is not consistant with every patient, but some studies showed that an increase amount of negative psychological factors (feeling helpless, negative, worthless) can affect tumor growth and recovery.

In my own opinion, I feel patients with any disease or disorder need to have a positive outlook. I feel this will always give patients a better insight for the future. I hope what I have shared today will help anyone who  has ever questioned this. Don’t forget – this is not ONLY cancer! Everyone should have a more postiive outlook in general to live a better, healthier life!

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