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Free App! Check it out

This year I wanted to make my nephew an Easter basket, and make sure  it is really special. I’m not a candy fan, but he is, so I was thinking of a few things to buy. While browsing around, I came across a really cool app that with a simple scan, lets you know the grade given for that product according to labor services. This is a great and simple way to combat Human Trafficking by supporting companies that use fair trade products. Whether it is chocolate, or material goods it is made from somewhere, so it is important to take an extra second and check out where. It is a simple thought to think about when buying Easter candy this year. Below is a quick video that explains the app, and shows how it works. Don’t worry about being a cheapo, because it is FREE!! The downside though it is only available for the Iphone and Android devices. If you are like me, and have a dinosaur phone aka the one you buy when your phone breaks and you’re in between upgrades, it does not have access to the app. There is an alternative fellow dino phone friends, you can download the app (for free still) on itunes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and takes a minute to say a prayer for the victims of Human Trafficking (also free).


Donate unwanted clothes/items for Human Trafficking

Easter break is around the corner for Neumann students, so it is a great time to go through clothes and/or unwanted items in your dorms/apts/home and donate to the Salvation Army. It’s spring, and like most people I will be changing my clothes from the winter season to spring. An idea is to examine your clothes/items and place them in 3 piles. A “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” pile. If you need to think about it, just put it in the “maybe” pile for the time being. When all finished, any “no” items could be easily donated to the Salvation Army, where there are many family stores throughout the US gladly accepting donations. I did not know until recent, that they are strong advocates in the fight against Human Trafficking. So there you go, you learn something new everyday, the Salvation Army is more than a second-hand store. Monetary donations are also accepted, just in case you can’t part with your items, but would like to donate. A simple “like” on facebook or follow on twitter, will help circulate the good causes of the Salvation Army, easily sharing news amongst friends and followers. For more information on the Salvation Army:


I stumbled upon an article online about a young married couple who are professional wedding photographers that support Human Trafficking Awareness, while doing what they love to do. The concept is a unique one, the duo have a goal of visiting 50 states raising $50, 000 in 50 weeks to combat human trafficking. Spread the word if you know anyone getting married in need of a photographer. For more information:

Most of the entire world at this point has heard “Kony 2012” by now, since it has been circuiting throughout the news, media outlets, social networks, and just about anything and everything. When I first heard about Kony 2012, I kept seeing it around facebook, the way many people get their news nowadays. At first I thought it was a spam type of thing, but then I finally checked it out for myself. This was about 2-3 weeks ago when I first saw the video, and thought it was a unique way to raise awareness. It definitely worked because within 24 hours it was everywhere. Unfortunately, the maker of the video recently made news in a negative light, which overshadowed years of hard work. Personally, when I heard what had happened, I was disgusted and disappointed. But we are all human, and everyone makes mistakes.  Whatever the reasoning is behind this man’s situation, is his business, and only God can judge. We need to keep our focus on the real problem (modern slavery) in combatting human trafficking throughout the world, and not stop at just one man like Kony.

America’s Most Wanted-Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking special on America’s Most Wanted


Not My Life-A must see!!

Stu Bykofsky: New name for old game: Slavery

Indiana rocks!! Find out why here

As many people DON’T know, super bowl weekend is one of the largest human trafficking events of the year. Well, Indiana took a big step by signing a bill just in time for the big day. Check out the article below…


Modern Day Slavery…it’s reality

This blog is to bring awareness of human trafficking aka modern day slavery. It may seem odd to think, but there are more slaves TODAY, than there ever has been throughout the history of time. Yes, that is a fact! Unfortunately, we all support it unconsciously in various ways. In these economic times we all like a bargain, but the price of that bargain is bigger than the discount itself; a child is working 16 hour days in sweatshops making pennies or less. It’s hard to swallow, especially for me since I’m known for my superb shopping skills. Children disappear everyday, but where are they? Teenagers run away, but it wasn’t meant to be permanent, they were just testing the boundaries, and now they’re gone. A sick (wealthy) person needs a transplant, but can not make the list…then a “miracle” happens! They received  the transplant they needed to survive, but how?  Oooh Chocolate, life’s aphrodisiac to many people, whether it be a candy bar, in our milk, cereal, snacks, it’s everywhere right? Nobody thinks about where it came from, or the young children in poor nations working in plantations, denied education, around pesticides while using their bare little hands to work rigorously, earning little to nothing. Children get subdued into wars as child soldiers, drugs forced upon their innocent faces, many becoming addicted not by choice. We don’t see this in the media, so it might be hard to imagine, but it happens throughout the whole world. It’s a BILLION DOLLAR industry…Crazy, right? I bet you think there’s nothing you can do, I mean there is laundry to do, bills to pay, dinner to make, homework, jobs, so much to do, so little time! This might be true, but just taking a few seconds out of the day while doing these tasks, a prayer could be said, a petition could be signed, talking about human trafficking at the dinner table doesn’t cost anything, and it’s a discussion topic, right?  Little steps can make big changes, so I hope that you will come on this venture with me, from the pitter-patter of baby steps, to the big leap of what happens when we get there. I’m no expert by any means, I’m learning along the way as well. So, please for just a few seconds a day, take a step to end modern day slavery.

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learn something new everday

Human Trafficking affects everyone, whether you realize it or not. It is a serious topic that doesn’t get publicized the way it should, so many people are not aware of how serious it really is. My hope is that you, the reader, will open your heart and mind to this, passing your new found knowledge around to others. I became interesting in Human Trafficking while taking a Theology class here at Neumann, and there was a lot that I was not aware of going on everyday throughout the world. I wanted to learn more, so I will be sharing stories on this blog along the way. Have a good Weekend!


*We must recognize that the suffering of one person or one nation is the suffering of humanity. That the happiness of one person or nation is the happiness of humanity. Dalai Lama*