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1 to 2 % of the population has symptoms and are affected by bipolar disorder. Bipolar is very noticeable  with the sudden mood changes.

They found out  in studies that the serotonin levels in the brain cause bipolar disorder. This levels increases the moods that lead to depression. Doctors and researchers are trying to come up with treatment on how to help patients with bipolar and strategies on how to cope with bipolar disorder.

Most treatments include mood stabilizers and antidepressants which can help many with bipolar. Many have tried psychotherapy but have not seen improvement. Doctors are trying to produce a way where they can help the patient control themselves. Where they can help them keep there symptoms low key to the point of no one knows they have a serious mental disorder.



When children get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder it is because doctors and parents are able to catch the symptoms early. If they don’t catch the bipolar disorder at a younger age, it could get severe and have greater affects on the child/adult.

Many children may get bipolar disorder because it runs in their genes. Some other family members could possibly have bipolar disorder, but it doesn’t affect them. Another big factor in children with bipolar disorder could be if they have anxiety problems, this could result in bipolar disorder.

In children the symptoms vary and can confuse many because they will act like normal children. Children can have depressive symptoms or manic symptoms. For depressive the symptoms consist of feeling sad, complaining of headaches, little to no sleep, feelings of worthlessness, little to no food, no energy, and thoughts of suicide. For manic the symptoms consist of happiness or silliness in unusual ways, short temper, talking fast, troubles sleeping, thoughts and talking of sex, and taking risky tasks.


The following video clip link I am going to paste is about a guy who made a Bipolar Disorder test. He is going to talk about how to do it, and just give the overview of what Bipolar Disorder is.



On the link I pasted below is a MSQ questionnaire. The MSQ is about mood swings, to determine whether or not someone might have bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Treatment?

The unfortunate part about Bipolar disorder is that there is really no cure. The only cure is going through counseling in order to get the persons mood swings under control. Many patients usually take medication and go through psychotherapy to reduce relapsing. The most common medication that most with bipolar disorder have is a mood stabilizing medication. This medication will calm the mood down and stabilize it so there are no outbreaks or mood shifts.


Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder in other words is known as a manic-depressive illness. Which is a brain disorder that shifts in mood, energy and fails to carry out day-to-day activities. Bipolar victims have many ups and down days, just like many of us. Some of the symptoms can be severe, and most can damage relationships, poor job or school performance and sometimes can be fatal, like suicide.

Bipolar develops in the late teen years or early adult years. Most cases will start before the age of 25.

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Here is a youtube video I found telling us how certain people live with Bipolar Disorder.