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Here is the link to an article on normal aging.


Here is an article that I found on Aging  from CBS News.

10 Healthy Aging Tips From Centenarians

Staying close to family and friends, keeping your mind active, and having a sense of humor are keys to healthy aging, centenarians say in a new poll. The poll, conducted by phone, included 100 U.S. centenarians. Here are their top 10 tips for healthy aging – along with the percentage of how many said the tip is “very important” (they could call more than one tip “very important”):

1. Stay close to your family and friends: 90%
2. Keep your mind active: 89%
3. Laugh and have a sense of humor: 88%
4. Stay in touch with your spirituality: 84%
5. Continue looking forward to each new day: 83%
6. Keep moving and exercising: 82%
7. Maintain a sense of independence: 81%
8. Eat right: 80%
9. Keep up with news and current events: 63%
10. Keep making new friends: 63%


Aging in place is a term used to describe a senior living in the residence of their choice as they age, while being able to have any services (or other support) they might need over time as their needs change, for as long as they are able. To be clear, though, aging in place is one phase of a person’s life. It is not the answer to anything. Rather, one period of time that an elderly person can enjoy and still get the things that they require.


An interesting fact that I found is that September is Healthy Aging Month.


If our elderly parents are institutionalized, in nursing homes, we can visit them frequently and talk to them.  The elderly love to reminisce about old times, things that they used to do, old friends, old family pets, and places they visited. Institutions can provide organizations to help the elderly socialize more like senior citizen centers and organized trips and activities.  They have many activities going on such as bus trips, dinner trips, concerts, holiday bazaars, book clubs, and book exchanges.

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Here are some health care organizations to help the aging:



-Preferred Home Health Care in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Here is a quote from an article on aging:

“The aged are more prone to chronic illnesses, but able to pay for medical care.  Despite the passage of Medicare and Medicaid, many elderly people still lack adequate health care. A major geriatric issue is unnecessary institutionalization.”

The elderly are suffering from many types of needs, such as medical, emotional,income, and social needs.  Some of their medical needs may include assistance with mobility, daily care, and help with medications.


In the next decade, an enermous “baby boom” generation, 76 million strong, will reach retirement age.


People are living longer because people are reaching old age in better health.


Aging is the progressive accumulation of changes in a person over time.