Eating healthy, to reduce the chances of depression seems a little hard of a task when every block you drive by is a fast food restaurant, because its more convenient. So you feel like its only right to grab something really fast instead of cooking at home. But I’m here to tell you that its all in the mind. If you just have a more positive mind set, eating healthy will not be as hard as it seems to keep depression away. Its been proven that people that have an affirmation and speak in to existence start to reduce depression in their life, and have a more positive lifestyle mentally and physically by the way they eat. Here are a few that you can say to yourself everyday to have a positive mindset and also eat healthier.

1. I choose to love myself.

2. I make wise choices.

3.I choose to eat healthy because I love myself.

4.Today I replace sugary foods with healthy food.

5.I eat healthy food to nourish myself, and keep a healthy mind.