These are the top 5 foods that can affect mental health:

1.Potato Chips & Fries.

2. Burgers.

3. Soda.

4. Hot Dogs.

5. Cookies.

Not only are these foods not good for us, but it puts you at risk for depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity. Fries, burgers, and potato chips all have so much saturated fat, and its hard to digest in the body so it puts you in a food coma also known as the “itis” and makes you feel sluggish. However, in  hot dogs its mainly processed meat, and full of high levels of fat and sodium. It has chemicals that can cause cancer called nitrosamine. Next sugary soft drinks are mainly linked to depression because these drinks have so much influence in the amount of endorphin that our bodies can develop, so it puts you at high risk for depression. Consuming a lot of sugar like cookies, candy, cakes leaves you craving for more, so it becomes one big cycle, so you need to build self control. We really never realize how much the unhealthy foods we eat doesn’t only just affect us physically, it affects you mentally as well. It can lead to other mental illness such as bulimia, which causes people to binge eating. I’m pretty sure, everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle. So to pursue this lifestyle, we have to cut back on some things that may taste good but aren’t good for out body and mind.