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These are the top 5 foods that can affect mental health:

1.Potato Chips & Fries.

2. Burgers.

3. Soda.

4. Hot Dogs.

5. Cookies.

Not only are these foods not good for us, but it puts you at risk for depression, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity. Fries, burgers, and potato chips all have so much saturated fat, and its hard to digest in the body so it puts you in a food coma also known as the “itis” and makes you feel sluggish. However, in  hot dogs its mainly processed meat, and full of high levels of fat and sodium. It has chemicals that can cause cancer called nitrosamine. Next sugary soft drinks are mainly linked to depression because these drinks have so much influence in the amount of endorphin that our bodies can develop, so it puts you at high risk for depression. Consuming a lot of sugar like cookies, candy, cakes leaves you craving for more, so it becomes one big cycle, so you need to build self control. We really never realize how much the unhealthy foods we eat doesn’t only just affect us physically, it affects you mentally as well. It can lead to other mental illness such as bulimia, which causes people to binge eating. I’m pretty sure, everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle. So to pursue this lifestyle, we have to cut back on some things that may taste good but aren’t good for out body and mind.


Its All in The Mind!

Eating healthy, to reduce the chances of depression seems a little hard of a task when every block you drive by is a fast food restaurant, because its more convenient. So you feel like its only right to grab something really fast instead of cooking at home. But I’m here to tell you that its all in the mind. If you just have a more positive mind set, eating healthy will not be as hard as it seems to keep depression away. Its been proven that people that have an affirmation and speak in to existence start to reduce depression in their life, and have a more positive lifestyle mentally and physically by the way they eat. Here are a few that you can say to yourself everyday to have a positive mindset and also eat healthier.

1. I choose to love myself.

2. I make wise choices.

3.I choose to eat healthy because I love myself.

4.Today I replace sugary foods with healthy food.

5.I eat healthy food to nourish myself, and keep a healthy mind.

Keep Depression Away!

  Making the right choices about what we eat can really make a difference in our lives, and our health. First, when going grocery shopping start by purchasing more whole grain, fruits, and vegetables. By not purchasing chips, candy, cakes and other unhealthy foods it will not tempt you to eat it. Also eating a healthy breakfast an 1 hour after you wake up can build your memory, give you energy, and keep you feeling positive through the day.

  However, eating small portions through out the day every 2 or 3 hours can balance your mood through the day. Also eat healthy snacks like apples, cheese, protein bars, baby carrots or nuts. Last but not least exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for 3 to 4 times a week. Next, planning what your going to eat for the whole day ahead of time, so that you won’t have to think about what to eat and have to settle for something unhealthy.

  Its not as easy as it seems but if you just take it a day at time, eating healthy will become a lifestyle. Once it becomes a lifestyle you will no longer have cravings for unhealthy foods, you will start substituting candy bars for fruits, and sugary cakes for low fat rice cakes. 

Foods & Depression

Did you know that certain foods we eat can affect our mood? Based on, the foods we eat can either raise or lower a chemical in our brain called serotonin. The more serotonin that you consume, the better your mood will be. The less serotonin that you consume, by eating unhealthy foods can make you feel more lazy, tired, and depressed. Certain foods that can help, raise serotonin are, fruits, whole grain, fish, and vegetables. If you want to keep a healthy body, and a healthy brain so you can stay positive and feel good, eat healthy and consume serotonin.

Stress can be perceived as the fight or flight response, because it can trigger adrenaline in a person’s body telling them that their is danger. Stress is a survival technique that humans have to protect us. Stress is not always a good thing it can cause serious health problems that can take over one’s life. Stress can harm a people’s body when a person does not realize it.

Stress can cause mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, obesity heart disease, high blood pressure abnormal heart beats, menstrual problems, and skin problems. Sometimes a person with stress has to make a list of the things that are a stress starter, avoid those things, and feel better about oneself. People with stress just have to let things go and not be angry. They have to organize their time, and they have to know their limits.

Stress and anger

Sometimes when people are stressed they become angry. Some people are angry and become stressed. Sometimes angry and stress goes hand and hand, and people have to control these situations so that things do not get out of hand. Some people can get so angry that their blood pressure will go up, and they start to panic and stress. There are ways to control stress and angry. Their should always be a calming balance in a people’s life.

  Often times people will speak with another individual such as a counselor, or a therapist. People often find comfort in talking to someone to relieve so anger and stress. When these people do seek therapy they often find what makes them stressed or angry. People who are stressed can also join a stress support group, so that they can identify with others and learn great coping techniques.