When children get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder it is because doctors and parents are able to catch the symptoms early. If they don’t catch the bipolar disorder at a younger age, it could get severe and have greater affects on the child/adult.

Many children may get bipolar disorder because it runs in their genes. Some other family members could possibly have bipolar disorder, but it doesn’t affect them. Another big factor in children with bipolar disorder could be if they have anxiety problems, this could result in bipolar disorder.

In children the symptoms vary and can confuse many because they will act like normal children. Children can have depressive symptoms or manic symptoms. For depressive the symptoms consist of feeling sad, complaining of headaches, little to no sleep, feelings of worthlessness, little to no food, no energy, and thoughts of suicide. For manic the symptoms consist of happiness or silliness in unusual ways, short temper, talking fast, troubles sleeping, thoughts and talking of sex, and taking risky tasks.