Many people are always questioning what exactly causes a person’s agoraphobia, the truth is experts are not completely sure what the exact causes of agoraphobia are. Most of them believe that they are a result of physical and or psychological factors.

Agoraphobia is thought to be a complication of a panic disorder, a disorder characterized by regular episodes of panic attacks which trigger severe physical reactions for no reason at all. Panic attacks can be extremely frightening according to those who have it. It actually causes people to think they are losing control or even dying. Some people may link their panic attacks to one or two situations that they have experienced. By avoiding those places or situations the person believes he or she may be preventing future recurrences of panic attacks. If a situation or place has people, perceived as potential witnesses to a panic attack by the sufferer, they are more likely to avoid it. Agoraphobia very rarely develops without an accompanying panic disorder. When it does, nobody knows what caused it.