Writing this blog has really helped me to open my eyes to see what people that suffer from this really have to go through. It must be very hard for a person to deal with this especially when they have no idea how it happened and why it happened. If you think about it, how would you feel if all of a sudden you were not able to go into a classroom you have been going into for months, or into a school that you’ve been at for years, even with people you know? It has to be frightening when all of a sudden this comes upon you for no reason at all. It is probably a lot easier for a person to understand when it was a traumatic event that caused the agoraphobia to come upon them, but for a person that was completely fine it is probably difficult.

These people, when they have it severely, are not able to function and do things that people without it could. If you have to go to a store to buy necessities that you need but aren’t able to go into a store in fear of a panic attack, how are you able to live normally? These people end up depending a lot on others, just like my sister depended on myself, my mom, and dad to do things and go places for her.

If a person doesn’t receive treatment, the person’s life can become very restricted. In some severe cases a person may never leave their house and depend on everyone around them. If someone does not leave their house it usually puts their job on the line, affects their social life, opportunities for education and learning knew things, and they avoid taking part in various daily activities. I would encourage anyone that has this to seek out therapy so that they could live a healthy normal lifestyle.