This video is someone who is actually suffering from Agoraphobia. I think it really helps to see the big picture of it. I also need to agree with him that people do not know what a serious panic attack is until you suffer from a disorder like this. Taking a test and saying “oh I was so nervous I had a panic attack” is not the true meaning of a panic attack it simply just means you were nervous.

Someone with agoraphobia is very hard to take seriously. Not that they are faking it in anyway but it is just very hard to understand especially when they do not know why it is happening or where it is coming from. Just to add in here also, agoraphobia can develop at any time. My sister was always a shy person, not very outgoing but had many friends and was able to talk with many people. Her disorder developed her senior year of high school out of nowhere. She does not know where the disorder came from or exactly when it started. It happened slowly and the first time it came upon her it was in school in a classroom.

Another little side note to add in here is that a traumatic event is able to cause agoraphobia in a person, where they will try to avoid anything that has to do with that event at all costs.