Signs of stress

There are many signs of a person having stress such as breathlessness, upset stomach, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, and sweating. A person can also have neurological and physical illness symptoms such as  fatigue, headaches hyperventilating, increased flu, increased heart rate, sense of heart pounding, shallow breathing, sleeping problems tension headaches tingling in hands or legs tremor in hands or legs, weight loss or gain.

Many people are going through stress and do not know it, and it is important to know the signs. People can think that they are just getting a cold, or worked to hard. People do not realize that stress is a real health issue and people should know how to reduce their stress. If stress is not handled properly, it can be hazardous to ones own life.

Their are many ways to control stress and I have read a article about reducing stress on, and here is the link.