I’m pretty sure we all have depended on junk food, also known as comfort food to ease our worries at one point in time. Sadly, did you know eating junk food can increase depression? Yes! Depression! Based off this article “Unhappy Meals:Are Fast Food Depression Linked” by Dr. Alethea Turner. Researchers believe that people who consume more comfort foods or fast foods are 51% more likely to suffer from depression, and the more fatty foods you eat the more depressed you’ll be.

I don’t believe that what you eat is what makes you depressed, its the results you get from eating junk food which makes people depressed. For instance, if you’re eating unhealthy foods all the time, you have a poor exercise habits, its going to lead to gaining weight or even put you in a higher risk for health problem such as diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol or even obesity. Those aspects can cause someone to become depressed and that depression can cause them to eat more unhealthy foods, which just becomes one big cycle until they can reach out for help.

So therefore, I don’t believe food is the cause of depression. I believe people depend on comfort foods, when they face challenges or obstacles in life they find comfort in eating unhealthy foods. As a college, I live off of junk food on campus, but I’m not depressed. When I am having a bad day, of course I’m going to stuff my face, but what I eat doesn’t make me depressed. My situation does! People just use food as an excuse, but hey that’s my opinion.

Above is the link to the article “Unhappy Meals: Are Fast Food, Depression Linked”.