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Writing this blog has really helped me to open my eyes to see what people that suffer from this really have to go through. It must be very hard for a person to deal with this especially when they have no idea how it happened and why it happened. If you think about it, how would you feel if all of a sudden you were not able to go into a classroom you have been going into for months, or into a school that you’ve been at for years, even with people you know? It has to be frightening when all of a sudden this comes upon you for no reason at all. It is probably a lot easier for a person to understand when it was a traumatic event that caused the agoraphobia to come upon them, but for a person that was completely fine it is probably difficult.

These people, when they have it severely, are not able to function and do things that people without it could. If you have to go to a store to buy necessities that you need but aren’t able to go into a store in fear of a panic attack, how are you able to live normally? These people end up depending a lot on others, just like my sister depended on myself, my mom, and dad to do things and go places for her.

If a person doesn’t receive treatment, the person’s life can become very restricted. In some severe cases a person may never leave their house and depend on everyone around them. If someone does not leave their house it usually puts their job on the line, affects their social life, opportunities for education and learning knew things, and they avoid taking part in various daily activities. I would encourage anyone that has this to seek out therapy so that they could live a healthy normal lifestyle.



Agoraphobia- Treatments

Treatments for agoraphobia usually include medication and psychotherapy. In the majority number of cases of this disorder, people are either cured or learn to keep themselves under control.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicine is usually prescribed to people with agoraphobia or panic symptoms.

-Antidepressant drugs include: fluoxetine (prozac), paroxetine (paxil), and sertraline (zoloft).

-psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are two types of therapies in which agoraphobia is treated with.

Based on these types of therapies and medications, they are proven to be helpful. My sister suffering from agoraphobia has been able to do many things that she was not able to do before. She is obviously still working on things and going to therapy, but so far it has helped her a great deal. Things that she was not able to do before like go into a food or clothing store she is able to do by herself now. Going to school to take her placement test for college was a huge problem because she was not able to physically bring herself inside somewhere that was unknown to her is slowly starting to be fixed.

So in this case it is proven that therapy is a great way to fix disorders especially like this one.


This video is someone who is actually suffering from Agoraphobia. I think it really helps to see the big picture of it. I also need to agree with him that people do not know what a serious panic attack is until you suffer from a disorder like this. Taking a test and saying “oh I was so nervous I had a panic attack” is not the true meaning of a panic attack it simply just means you were nervous.

Someone with agoraphobia is very hard to take seriously. Not that they are faking it in anyway but it is just very hard to understand especially when they do not know why it is happening or where it is coming from. Just to add in here also, agoraphobia can develop at any time. My sister was always a shy person, not very outgoing but had many friends and was able to talk with many people. Her disorder developed her senior year of high school out of nowhere. She does not know where the disorder came from or exactly when it started. It happened slowly and the first time it came upon her it was in school in a classroom.

Another little side note to add in here is that a traumatic event is able to cause agoraphobia in a person, where they will try to avoid anything that has to do with that event at all costs.

Agoraphobia is diagnosed by a psychiatrist. Usually a person is referred to a psychiarist by a general practitioner (their primary care physician) who notices some signs of the disorder. The psychiatrist asks the patient about his or her feelings, general background and symptoms. According to the DSM-IV Diagnostic criteria for agoraphobia, a patient suffers from agoraphobia if:

-The person is anxious about being in a place or situation where escape or help may be difficult in the event of a panic attack, or panic like symptoms. Examples are being in a crowd or travelling on a bus.

– The person avoids these places

-The person endures these places with extreme anxiety

-The person endures these places only with the help of a friend or companion

-There is no underlying condition that may explain the person’s symptoms.

I, myself have experienced these symptoms and what it is like for a person, secondhand. As I mentioned in my first blog, my sister suffers from agoraphobia. I know that it is very difficult to get through and going manyplaces is not easy for her. It is hard for a person to just “suck it up” or “get over it” as we would like to say to them. I have gotten into any arguments with her because dealing with someone with agoraphobia is very frustrating. For example: we have gone into stores (clothing stores, food stores, etc.) where there used to be no problem with them. When it comes to going into them now she will either avoid going all together, or have a very hard time even getting into the store, or she will start to freak out and leave. Personally, I don’t think her disorder is as bad as many other people’s who suffer from this. Some places she is able to go into without a problem but some are a major issue. I know for one, that school was a big problem for her. She would constantly start panicking in a classroom and have to leave about 6 0r 7 times to go to the bathroom or nurses office where s would then come home. She used to make herself physically sick, which was the first time we realized she had a a problem.

Agoraphobia- what causes it?

Many people are always questioning what exactly causes a person’s agoraphobia, the truth is experts are not completely sure what the exact causes of agoraphobia are. Most of them believe that they are a result of physical and or psychological factors.

Agoraphobia is thought to be a complication of a panic disorder, a disorder characterized by regular episodes of panic attacks which trigger severe physical reactions for no reason at all. Panic attacks can be extremely frightening according to those who have it. It actually causes people to think they are losing control or even dying. Some people may link their panic attacks to one or two situations that they have experienced. By avoiding those places or situations the person believes he or she may be preventing future recurrences of panic attacks. If a situation or place has people, perceived as potential witnesses to a panic attack by the sufferer, they are more likely to avoid it. Agoraphobia very rarely develops without an accompanying panic disorder. When it does, nobody knows what caused it.



1 to 2 % of the population has symptoms and are affected by bipolar disorder. Bipolar is very noticeable  with the sudden mood changes.

They found out  in studies that the serotonin levels in the brain cause bipolar disorder. This levels increases the moods that lead to depression. Doctors and researchers are trying to come up with treatment on how to help patients with bipolar and strategies on how to cope with bipolar disorder.

Most treatments include mood stabilizers and antidepressants which can help many with bipolar. Many have tried psychotherapy but have not seen improvement. Doctors are trying to produce a way where they can help the patient control themselves. Where they can help them keep there symptoms low key to the point of no one knows they have a serious mental disorder.


When children get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder it is because doctors and parents are able to catch the symptoms early. If they don’t catch the bipolar disorder at a younger age, it could get severe and have greater affects on the child/adult.

Many children may get bipolar disorder because it runs in their genes. Some other family members could possibly have bipolar disorder, but it doesn’t affect them. Another big factor in children with bipolar disorder could be if they have anxiety problems, this could result in bipolar disorder.

In children the symptoms vary and can confuse many because they will act like normal children. Children can have depressive symptoms or manic symptoms. For depressive the symptoms consist of feeling sad, complaining of headaches, little to no sleep, feelings of worthlessness, little to no food, no energy, and thoughts of suicide. For manic the symptoms consist of happiness or silliness in unusual ways, short temper, talking fast, troubles sleeping, thoughts and talking of sex, and taking risky tasks.

Eating healthy can have a great impact on your mood. When your eating healthy, exercising, and living a healthy life style with proper nutrients, the more you begin to fell good. So therefore, here are some tips that are really good in healthy dieting and keeping depression away.

1. Getting essential antioxidants in sources such as Vitamin C, E and also in beta-carotene. You can find these antioxidants in your fruits, vegetable, and whole grain like, carrots, pumpkins, broccoli, strawberries, nuts and seeds.

2. There is a connection between carbohydrates and mood, by a brain chemical that is called serotonin. So its good to stay away from sugary foods, and consume good carbs like whole grains which has a lot of fiber.

3.Eat foods that are rich in protein like turkey, tuna, and chicken because it has a lot of amino acids, that can boost levels of brain chemicals that can help you stay alert and concentrate.

4. Also consume vitamin D, studies show that people that suffered from depression, when they consumed more vitamin D they started to improve.

5.Exercise and try to keep a healthy weight, because obesity and depression are linked. Which means that people that are obese are at higher risk of being depressed, also a person that is depressed has a higher chance of being obese due to body changes and start to consume more unhealthy foods.

This is the link were I gathered some important information about eating healthy and depression to share.


The following video clip link I am going to paste is about a guy who made a Bipolar Disorder test. He is going to talk about how to do it, and just give the overview of what Bipolar Disorder is.



On the link I pasted below is a MSQ questionnaire. The MSQ is about mood swings, to determine whether or not someone might have bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Treatment?

The unfortunate part about Bipolar disorder is that there is really no cure. The only cure is going through counseling in order to get the persons mood swings under control. Many patients usually take medication and go through psychotherapy to reduce relapsing. The most common medication that most with bipolar disorder have is a mood stabilizing medication. This medication will calm the mood down and stabilize it so there are no outbreaks or mood shifts.


Bipolar Disorder?

Bipolar Disorder in other words is known as a manic-depressive illness. Which is a brain disorder that shifts in mood, energy and fails to carry out day-to-day activities. Bipolar victims have many ups and down days, just like many of us. Some of the symptoms can be severe, and most can damage relationships, poor job or school performance and sometimes can be fatal, like suicide.

Bipolar develops in the late teen years or early adult years. Most cases will start before the age of 25.

Stress Questionare

  1. Do you get upset often when things happen unexpectedly
  2. Do you feel that you are unable to control important things in your life?
  3. Do you feel nervous often?
  4. Do you feel overwhelmed often?
  5. Do you get headaches often?
  6. Are you able to deal with your personal problems without feeling overwhelmed?
  7. Do you feel that things never go your way?
  8. Are you irritable?
  9. Have you had any life changing events happen to you recently?
  10. 10. Do certain situations make you feel anxious, faint, or sick?

If you answered at least 7 of these questions with yes you should see your doctor about dealing with the stress in your life. You can try to exercise, breathing, eating healthy, learn stress exercises, or talking out your personal issues with someone. 



Signs of stress

There are many signs of a person having stress such as breathlessness, upset stomach, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, and sweating. A person can also have neurological and physical illness symptoms such as  fatigue, headaches hyperventilating, increased flu, increased heart rate, sense of heart pounding, shallow breathing, sleeping problems tension headaches tingling in hands or legs tremor in hands or legs, weight loss or gain.

Many people are going through stress and do not know it, and it is important to know the signs. People can think that they are just getting a cold, or worked to hard. People do not realize that stress is a real health issue and people should know how to reduce their stress. If stress is not handled properly, it can be hazardous to ones own life.

Their are many ways to control stress and I have read a article about reducing stress on, and here is the link.

Reducing stress with meditation

Stress is draining and it makes a person sad, depressed, and tired. There is no reason why people should feel this way about stress. Stress can make a person sick physically and mentally. I have researched ways to control and reduce stress.

I found that meditating everyday for at least 10 minutes helps reduce stress. If you have never meditated before all you have to do is sit up straight, breathe slowly, and clear your mind. I have tried mediating myself and I feel like I am relieving the stress, by just being silent, breathing, and relaxing. I mediate before doing stressful things, such as taking test, and driving in my old car.   

My advice to people who are overwhelmed with stress is to click to the link to the American Institute of Stress