Like any other psychological disorder, suffering from DID is not an easy or enjoyable lifestyle. Yes it may be manageable but it’s certainly takes time along with therapy and or medications not to mention support from either friends or family. I think with DID because these individuals are usually traumatized at such an early age and because those feelings are never dealt with, as their life progresses so does the psychological issue. Even some issues that happen in everyday life need some type of mending. Take for instance someone having an extremely stressful day and eventually the stress builds up and then affects other aspects of their life, the person begins to “deteriorate” in a sense or fall apart. However, usually we have friends or family to vent to and get it all out of our systems, maybe not fully but in a healthy way it’s released.

For those who suffer from psychological disorders such at DID or even other ones such as Depression or Anxiety, normal day-to-day events are seemed to be taken to the extreme and having a friend to talk to about it doesn’t necessarily do the trip. As time goes on the symptoms and prognosis tend to build up and cause for a greater distress.

As for cognitive behavior therapy, I believe that it truly does help and benefit the individual suffering from DID or other psychological disorders. Clearly, something is wrong in their life and because of that, daily normal functioning is impaired which causes distress and an impossibility to live enjoyably.

What excites me about these psychological disorders is it origin and how nothing is a guaranteed fix. No one knows why the brain functions the way it does during psychological issues. Yes there may be theories with some proofs but nothing is definite. As for psychological medications like any other general medication, what’s good for one may not be good for another. General these psychotic medications have negative symptoms and because of those side affects people wonder, “well why even take them?” However, if you think of these medications as a means of harm reduction you could see that some good does come from it. Nothing is guaranteed but if it helps the individual somewhat get back to a normal functional lifestyle then its a plus.

In healthcare, nothing is black and white. As for our brain it even goes to show for a bigger mystery.