Schizophrenia Quiz

How much do you know about schizophrenia? Try this True or False Quiz that mixes myth and fact about the mental illness.

1. People with Schizophrenia tend to be reclusive and often shun company because of their disorder. T F
2. Schizophrenia has nothing to do with multiple or split personality. T F
3. People with schizophrenia sometimes get their thoughts jumbled. T F
4. Schizophrenia is caused by poor social conditions. T F
5. People with schizophrenia who hear voices sometimes enjoy listening to them. T F
6. Some types of schizophrenia run in families. T F
7. Some people with schizophrenia hold down jobs and live a relatively normal life. T F
8. When you have schizophrenia it is usually necessary to take medication in order to stay well. T F
9. People with schizophrenia are likely to be more violent than those who do not have the disorder. T F
10. Medications reduce all the symptoms of schizophrenia. T F
11. Schizophrenia is much more common in men than in women. T F
12. Psychosis means out of touch with reality. T F
13. People with schizophrenia come from all walks of life and from all levels of society. T F
14. Schizophrenia is only found in developed countries. T F

The Answers

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