I wanted to share a personal story about one of my family members. My mother suffers from OCD and it is really hard on her sometimes. Things in my house have to be clean and spotless and if they are not, she worries. Everyday she comes home, she starts to clean the house. When something is not clean, she the thought cannot leave her mind and it stresses her out to the point where she can’t sleep or can’t focus on other things. This causes her to be stressed and it can take a toll on her sometimes. It is sad to see her go through it and I try to help her cope in certain ways. I feel that the best things for someone is support from family and friends because they know that they are understood and that people are there to help them. Because I have been there for her, she tends to not worry as much or i’ll help her out as best as I can to keep things clean so she does not have that in her mind constantly.