Researcher  Dr. Tom Weickert  said that our brain produces  from our type of learning because how it can  improve every day. I t can be as little as  twenty minutes  that can help  win schizophrenia  through our electrical current that the  brain  which goes through  our brain and the electrodes. “TDCS transmits a very mild electrical current to the brain through electrodes on the scalp.” The TCDs  can also be when the brain  that was called pre-frontal cortex  that from  these people who were  for about twenty minutes.This had allowed us to see that our brain goes through the nerve cell which can help from the learning system.

From this article of research  what we may not know is that not everyone knows  why there is this type of research can also help people in their day lives.  Also I really  think this is something people may not be aware of.