Note that it is important to consult a healthcare practitioner or physican and NEVER come off antidepressants without their advice.


–I wanted to specifically get this message across to any of those who may be prescribed an antidepressant. It is extremely dangerous considering the possible side effects if someone were to go off  their medication without the advise and supervision from a doctor. I have experienced first hand what that is like when my own brother had done just that. He was away at college and forgot to take one of his antidepressants one day but was feeling ok. He decided since he was feeling alright that he no longer had to take his antidepressant medicine. After just a couple weeks my brother tried to take his own life. I will never forget the day I drove home and no one was there so I called my mom who answered the phone balling her eyes out saying that she was at the hospital with my brother and that he had tried to kill himself. I immediately rushed over to the hospital. To see my brother in the state he was in was undescribeable. I was so thankful that he had not succeeded in this tragic event. I stayed with him all day that day by his side. My brother overdosed on aspirin. He took 83 pills of aspirin and drank it down with hard liquor. At the hospital he was brought to the Intensive Care Unit, ICU, because his kidney levels were dangerously low. My brother was not out of the dark with this and it remained very serious. He was in the hospital for a week in the ICU. I thought I was going to lose my brother. I thought of all the times we had together and would break down at the thought of never having any more of those memories. I share this story so that possibly someone else who is suffering from depression can see this and realize that this medicine should not be taken lightly and that you should be under the care of a doctor or practitioner especially if you would like to slowly stop using the medicaiton. I do not want others to have to go through the pain my brother suffered and the rest of our family. I am constantly worrying about my brother who is still on an antidepressant and living in California. He seems happy but I worry every day since he is so far away from home. I hope that others read this and realize life is too precious and these antidepressants are not a joke.