Of the many things that long-term alcohol addiction can steal — careers, lives, health, memory — one of its most heartbreaking tolls is on relationships. Alcoholics, researchers have long known, have a tendency to misread emotional cues, sometimes taking offense when none was intended, failing to pick up on a loved one’s sadness, joy, anger or disappointment.

Because I can speak about this issue from personal experience, I think that it is important for everyone to read. If you are dealing with someone who has or had a drinking problem one can understand the toll it takes not only on the addict, but everyone they’re around. I found this article that talks about alcohols ability to disrupt ability to read emotions and condict relationships.


Some issues that may arise in relationships between alcoholics and others include, financial problems, violence, communication problems, and poor judgment. I have personally seen some of these problems arise in the relationship that I previously had with my father, who is now a recovering alcoholic. Alcohol can truly tear people apart and ruin their relationships in the future, because when an alcoholic says that they have gotten better, the other person may not believe them and may not want to deal with the issues that they once had.