Through all of my research there seems to be a lot of ways of treating your anxiety and panic attacks. Most ways are extremely easy and efficent.

Therapy- talking it out with a professional or even a friend or family member.  Talking about how you are feeling and what you are going through is the most effective way in healing your anxiety.

Going for a walk or run- clearing your mind and trying to focus on other things, get your body moving to increase your seretonin levels.

Acupuncture or a massage- calm your nerves down and let your mind and body relax and heal

Medication- medication is always available, but I truely believe(someone with anxiety) that there are other ways to heal anxiety.  I know everyone is different, and yes, medication is definitly effective, I truly recommend talking it out and increase your excercise.


I hope everyone is keeping calm during finals and are not stressing themselves out too much. Its not good for you or your body.