This is  also by which people can be crazy. The research shows that there are  one hundred people who  have  the type of  it. There are positive symptoms and  negative sympotms.LSD  may  wear off  by the people. These people can also be awaken from their sleep like having nightmare. (fMRI) are the study that shows how  it is the brain abnormalities. However, you can get medication that is antipsychotic.

“Niacin (vitamin B3) deficiency”.Dr.Hoffer had treated the symptoms.”

“A minimum therapeutic level is 1g a day. These levels are in the order of 100 times the RDA. Levels of niacin much higher than these, particularly in sustained-release tablets, can be liver toxic. Out of perhaps 100,000 people taking meg of     niacin  level  of  several over the past 40 years, there have been two deaths due to liver failure. In a third case, jaundice resulted from a slow-release preparation. When the same patient was placed back on standard niacin, he no longer got jaundice. In any event, anything over 1g is best taken under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. If you become nauseated, that is an indication to stop supplementation and resume three days later, with a lower amount. If you have a history of liver problems, you should have regular monitoring of liver enzymes.”

B12 and B6  levels also decrease. I think this article does a very good job, at presenting the information that is given. Really  liked how it  gave the type of  sources that  was allowed  me to,  see these type of studies that has become the liking.Finally found  out  never really  knew much  about this.