Another form of anxiety, one in which I never even realized had its own name is, Anticipatory Anxiety.  Anticipatory anxiety is having an anxiety or panic attack about something that has happened in the past and you are affraid of having to come into contact with it again. Examples are: public speaking, maybe driving fast or even after an accident, anything having to do with coming to grips with something that has given you much fear or regret in the past. When you are experiencing anticipatory anxiety your symtoms are just like when you have an anxiety attack, your heart is recing, shortness of breath, tense muscles, sweaty palms, etc. People cmoe across these fears everyday. My fear is when I know that i will be driving on a curvy highway or road, especially in the snow/rain because I was in a terrible accident one time while it was snowy/rainy out and the curve of the road caused me to loose control. Just writing about it gives me anticipatory anxiety. Does anyone want to maybe share something that has happened in the past that they get anticipatory attacks over? Talking about them is really one of the best ways to get over them!!