What do you do when you or someone you know is an addict?

There are so many different inpatient and out-patient rehabs available for people. You can just type in Google the type of treatment you want and the area you are looking to get the treatment. There are numerous sites that will come up. That is one way to do it. Another way is by taking a look at the links below. These might be more useful to you if you need advice on how to go about the recovery process.


Multiple numbers for many different needs: http://www.soberrecovery.com/forums/anxiety-disorders/11370-toll-free-phone-numbers.html

Lists of the top opiate abuse clinics all over the world:  http://www.opiatesrx.com/

Where to start? Guide you in the right direction (888-206-2493):  http://www.drug-rehab.org/?kmas=1&kmca=Drug-rehab.org%20Nationwide%20PPC%20Campaign&kmag=Drug+Hotline+BP+HIST&kmkw=drug+abuse+hotline&gclid=CJy3hbmSra8CFUGo4Aod3TxRog