This year I wanted to make my nephew an Easter basket, and make sure  it is really special. I’m not a candy fan, but he is, so I was thinking of a few things to buy. While browsing around, I came across a really cool app that with a simple scan, lets you know the grade given for that product according to labor services. This is a great and simple way to combat Human Trafficking by supporting companies that use fair trade products. Whether it is chocolate, or material goods it is made from somewhere, so it is important to take an extra second and check out where. It is a simple thought to think about when buying Easter candy this year. Below is a quick video that explains the app, and shows how it works. Don’t worry about being a cheapo, because it is FREE!! The downside though it is only available for the Iphone and Android devices. If you are like me, and have a dinosaur phone aka the one you buy when your phone breaks and you’re in between upgrades, it does not have access to the app. There is an alternative fellow dino phone friends, you can download the app (for free still) on itunes. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter, and takes a minute to say a prayer for the victims of Human Trafficking (also free).