The causes of OCD are not fully understood and even not known that much. However, some believe that biological and enviornmental factors may have a factor in the development of OCD.

Biological Factors:

Neurons in our brians communicate and work together in order for our bodies to function normally. Neurons communicate with neurotransmitters to help move electrical signals from neuron to neuron. One neurotransmitter, called serotonin, may have low levels that can in turn cause OCD. Also, serotonin imbalance may also be inherited. If a parent has the low imbalance, they can spread it to their children. Another biolocial factor could be an infection called Streptococcus that can develop into OCD if it is recurrent and untreated.

Enviornmental Factors:

There are several factors that can trigger OCD. Such factors include abuse, death of a loved one , work and school problems, illness and many other forms of stress that an individual may go through.