Panic attacks are the most common form of anxiety. Just about everyone may have one in their life time. I have experienced multiple and can tell you that they are no fun! They are easy to control once you can control yourself. From experience, I have gotten them when I am over stressed or over think things. I get sweaty palms, my heart is racing and I literally feel like I am trapped in a bubble and can’t get out. There are many different ways to stop panic attacks, but my favorite is going for a walk. I literally will walk around my block 5 times, breathing through my mouth, taking long and calming exhales. My neighbors probably think I am crazy, but it is the only way that really helps me. I like to talk to my dad when I am having one because he has had them before, where as my mom has never experienced one and doesn’t realize what I am going through. If you ever feel these symptoms come on, just calm yourself as best as you can, get fresh air and talk about it with someone.

Below is a website describing what panic attacks are, their symptoms, what causes them and how they can be treated. If you feel as if you have ever had a panic attack or just want to read about them incase you do ever have one this website is very helpful!