Easter break is around the corner for Neumann students, so it is a great time to go through clothes and/or unwanted items in your dorms/apts/home and donate to the Salvation Army. It’s spring, and like most people I will be changing my clothes from the winter season to spring. An idea is to examine your clothes/items and place them in 3 piles. A “yes”, “no”, and “maybe” pile. If you need to think about it, just put it in the “maybe” pile for the time being. When all finished, any “no” items could be easily donated to the Salvation Army, where there are many family stores throughout the US gladly accepting donations. I did not know until recent, that they are strong advocates in the fight against Human Trafficking. So there you go, you learn something new everyday, the Salvation Army is more than a second-hand store. Monetary donations are also accepted, just in case you can’t part with your items, but would like to donate. A simple “like” on facebook or follow on twitter, will help circulate the good causes of the Salvation Army, easily sharing news amongst friends and followers. For more information on the Salvation Army: http://www.salvationarmyusa.org