I find myself being extremely passionate about the topic of cancer. I always want to find a cure, help out or do anything to make things better. This wasnt something that always existed in me. In 2006 my step father was diagnosed with lung cancer and it was a big shock. I was a senior in highschool and many things rapidly changed. He was the breadwinner of the family, as well as a father figure to me. He had to go through radiation and chemotherapy, so there were good days and bad days. I drove him to many of his treatments and check ups which gave us some time to bond, but also made it hard to accept what was really happening. He missed a lot of things that year, like graduation, that upset me, but i was lucky enough to have him around my whole life. About a year later he was sent to the hospital in the middle of the night and a day later he passed. Unfortunatly, he did not survive. It wasnt due to not getting enough treatment, or him not working hard enough, the cancer was just too strong. This changed my life dramatically from then on i knew i wanted to make a difference in others lives, as well as live mine to the fullest. Within the year that just passed, my best friend was diagnosed with cervical cancer. A women that is 24 years old was told she has cancer. I didnt know how to react, in my mind i went crazy, but on the outside i was calm, rational and fearless. I knew i had to keep it together for her, stay strong and most of all realize i might not have as much time with her as i expected. To make a long story short, she finished four treatments of oral chemotherapy and the doctors cleared her because the cancer looked gone. I am still so thankful for the outcome she was given and hope in the future she stays healthy.

The reason for me sharing this story is not to upset people, but to share the facts – It can happen to anyone, its scary, and you can overcome the powerfulness of disease. I hope in the future people will take life more serious and realize you only get one. Get routine check ups, make good decisions for your bodies future and stay positive!