Most of the entire world at this point has heard “Kony 2012” by now, since it has been circuiting throughout the news, media outlets, social networks, and just about anything and everything. When I first heard about Kony 2012, I kept seeing it around facebook, the way many people get their news nowadays. At first I thought it was a spam type of thing, but then I finally checked it out for myself. This was about 2-3 weeks ago when I first saw the video, and thought it was a unique way to raise awareness. It definitely worked because within 24 hours it was everywhere. Unfortunately, the maker of the video recently made news in a negative light, which overshadowed years of hard work. Personally, when I heard what had happened, I was disgusted and disappointed. But we are all human, and everyone makes mistakes.  Whatever the reasoning is behind this man’s situation, is his business, and only God can judge. We need to keep our focus on the real problem (modern slavery) in combatting human trafficking throughout the world, and not stop at just one man like Kony.