Most cases of DID begin in the same fashion as cases of PTSD- exposure to extremely stressful or traumatic events such as sexual or physical abuse. Exposure to trauma manifesting as DID seems to be somewhat different from that of PTSD. DID is said to be an extreme case of PTSD. However, I would think that females would have a higher rate of developing DID over males who would generally develop PTSD. DID gives the mind a sense of relief because it can suppress memories of traumatic events. PTSD is identified by the client having flashbacks or re-experiences of the events and because of this the person developed emotional distress. A male coming back from war is likely to experience PTSD compared to a female who was sexually abused develops DID. Also, DID is defined by the DSM as having “multiple” traumatic events or “multiple” abuse evident in someone’s childhood. In order to get through this event the brain, in a sense, develops an alternate way of coping or otherwise known as alters. Also, PTSD is described as being diagnosed as early as 1 month prior to the experience, DID sort of builds throughout childhood and possibly into adolescents along with more traumatically occurring events that lead up to a later diagnosis but poor prognosis of DID.

I thought it was important to distinguish between these two different disorders because they both develop from the same traumatic events but whats surprising is how males and female differentiate.