Most people think celebrities are quite normal and don’t have any worries  here is  something that proves that is not true.

Here is a list of celebrities who have phobias:

Adele: fear of birds

Rihanna: fear of fish

( strange because she grew up in the Caribbean)

Madonna : fear of thunder

Jennifer Aniston and Cher : fear of flying

Pamela  Anderson : fear of mirrors

Katie Holmes : fear of  raccoons

Kanye West : fear of telephones

Johnny Deep: fear of clowns

Carmen Electra: fear of water

strange because she was on Baywatch

Jessica Simpson : fear of brushing teeth

Jessica recently said, ”I only brush my teeth  3 or 2 times a week because I am afraid my teeth will get slimy’ (ewww!)

Justin Timberlake : fear of snakes