The sadistic personality: This attempts to explain why some people select negative, aggression and hostile expressions as their means of adjustment or way of functioning (personality). The sadistic personality type includes those who seem to enjoy punishing or threatening others and are made uncomfortable by thoughts of weakness, collaboration with others or tender docility. Those with a sadistic personality type may engage in criminal aggressive behavior, destructive violence or socially disapproved sadism or extreme punitive insult or sarcasm. However, unlike many personality theories that would say a judge, for example, is an upstanding, psychologically healthy member of society, this theory would say some judges fall into this personality type because they have found a socially approved manner of displaying punitive, sadistic characteristics. Those who are socially approved (have a sadistic personality but don’t display it to an extreme) may maintain a consistently punishing or disciplinary attitude towards others (judge). Some may have a sarcastic attitude or guilt-provoking attitude.

When these individuals are acting tough, stern or displaying stern coldness they are least anxious. “Flexing their muscles” or other actions that convey to others, directly or indirectly and subtly that they are a dangerous person to be feared is what the personality type “says” to others. On the other hand, it also says that they are most uncomfortable in situations that ask for them to be agreeable or express tender feelings towards others. With this type of personality the stern, unforgiving father or father figure, the guilt-provoking mother or motherly figure, sharp-tongued sarcastic husband or cold, grim-faced punitive official figure come to mind.

This personality type has a lot of leverage, social ‘danger’ is what one tries to avoid and this personality type seeks to “put others in their place” so to speak. The actions seek to make the other person they are interacting with feel inferior or unworthy and make the sadistic personality type feel righteous, powerful and self-satisfying.